The Impact of a
Haptic Experience


A consumer study report

Touch in advertising is a new creative element for advertisers creating mobile video ad experiences that connect with the audience.

In fact, TouchSense Ads increase engagement and attention and drive purchase intent.

Experience the Jason Bourne
TouchSense Ad from the study.  
Feel the thrill of the car chase.  
Get immersed in the story.
Feel it on your Android mobile phone.



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In a recent A/B trial commissioned by Immersion and Teads, and conducted by third party research firm, Research Now®, TouchSense Ads outperformed standard mobile ads on key metrics such ad awareness, engagement, and purchase intent.

The new ad format creates more meaningful experiences for consumers, combining sight, sound, motion and now touch. 

Read the study to learn about the impact of touch in advertising:

  • TouchSense Ads drive higher engagements. 
  • TouchSense Ads influence purchase intent. 
  • TouchSense Ads improve users’ perceptions of the ad experience. 

Interested in feeling the experience? Download Immersion's gallery of TouchSense® Ads on your Android phone.

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