The HD Actuator Specification

High-definition haptics are defined by the devices' ability to produce a certain tactile effect or range of tactile effects in a program or application. The effects can range from short sharp clicks or sequential scroll to refined textures like sandpaper felt over multiple seconds. This document outlines the frequency range and acceleration speeds required to produce these hi-definition tactile effects in a variety of mobile and handheld consumer electronic products, as determined by a variety of tests. Within this document, Immersion provides a grading system to categorize the various performance levels and create a standardized approach to evaluating actuator capabilities. The document also includes a standard set of tests, testing figures and ideal testing requirements.  

The scope of the document specifically addresses actuators that are driven by AC signals that can product vibrations at different frequencies. The specification provided is for the creation of "whole-body" haptics - vibrations applied to the entire devices.  

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