Mastering Haptics in Automotive - A deeper look at mechanical design and haptic hardware integration

The opportunity to use haptic technology for realistic touch feedback in cars is growing. As with any new technology, the details are in the implementation. In this online class, we will provide a deeper look at mechanical designs and layouts of haptic systems for automotive use cases.

In this session on haptics in automotive, we’ll cover:​

  • Haptic hardware, guidelines​
  • Key considerations for mechanical design​
  • Haptic integration​
  • Implementing haptic design in automotive

This class is a continuation of the Haptics in Automotive webinar series. Sign up to view the other classes on-demand here

Audience level: Intermediate, Technical


Presented by


Ranjini Raghuveer, Products Management,

Dr. Manuel Cruz
VP, Research & UX, Immersion

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